Vitality Squad

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Our Professionals

We would like to introduce some of the faces that will be making the Vitality Squad system tick. These people are very important to us and without them we couldn't make this membership system run.

Feel free to check them out and get to know their faces. As we have more practitioners come on board with us, we will be placing their Bios in this area.

Content Writers

Our Content writers are just as important as our Practitioners. And many of our content writers will be later joining us as practitioners in stage two. Our content writers are devoted to bringing you topnotch lifestyle education to broaden your horizons to better health.

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Natural BioEnergetics

Natural BioEnergetics (AKA: Health Kinesiology) is one of the modalities that will be covered by the Vitality Squad and is an extensive therapy that works in the body's natural energy system. It has been developed over the last 40 years on sound scientific protocol and it's sound principles have helped many around the world. It works to fix energy disturbances, glitches and more so that the body can begin to heal itself.

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