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Press Release - New Company Bridges Gap in Natural Health Coverage insurance leaves...

There is a movement today of healthy-minded individuals seeking natural and/or earth based preventative therapies to protect themselves and their families. But to maintain this lifestyle, it sometimes leads to emptying the pocketbook in times of need. Insurance covers very little of these therapies.

A new company - The Vitality Squad - recently launched in February 2018, has attempted to combat some of these difficulties. Basing their idea on a membership network model like some leading roadside assistant clubs, they are working to not only provide coverage services but also educational wellness classes in online format. And as a part of the services, members also have access to online support and education groups such anxiety/depression, PTSD and more.

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Now Launched

The Vitality is officially launched this week. Education, Peace of Mind and Appointment Coverage. When insurance coverage is limited for Natural health services, we have provided a dual sided system to provide just questions asked.

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